LK-106MTF (Com Destaque e Hot Stamping)

Max. sheet size 1060×770mm  
Min. sheet size 450×370mm  
Max.die cutting size 1050×750mm  
Gripper margin 8-17mm  
Paper range 90-2000g/m2(cardboard) 0.1-2mm(cardboard)≤4mm(corrugated)  
Foil pulling shafts, Transversal 2    
Zones individually heated 12 heating zones ( each zone can be adjusted independently, the highest adjustable temperature is 200? )  
Max.foil transversal diameter ?250mm  
Maximum cutting force 300T  
Max.working speed 6500s/h  
Max.stripping speed 6000s/h pile height 1200mm  
Max.feeding pile height 1350mm  
Main motor power 15kw  
Power rating 35.6kw  
Machine weight 16000kg  
Air requirements 0.6Mpa, ?0.37m3/min  
Overall machine dimensions 6050×4200×2260mm  
Veja Também